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Q is for the Quiet Sea In Goa - #A2Z2018

Q is for the Quiet Sea In Goa - #A2Z2018

Mat lay on his bed, determined not to fall asleep. He just wanted to lie down for half an hour before he could drive back to Kimnur. He had not slept for days. He knew he had to get at least a little rest, if not sleep before he could attempt to drive. Slowly he was overcome by tiredness and drifted off into a light slumber. He dreamed. In his dream, he was at a beach in Goa accompanied by Lata, Richard, Mary, and little Karen. Karen was skipping ahead of them delightedly picking up colored shells. 

It was evening time and people were dawdling about happily. The sea was rather quiet and calm that day. Too quiet, too calm and too serene. They were being entertained by Richard's brilliant wit. His son Richard had always had the capacity to talk humorously for hours together. Today he was in full form. He cracked joke after joke and made them all roar with laughter. Lata was looking happy and content.

Mary called out loudly to Karen, "Lachchu, Lachchu, come here dear. Don't go too far away!" Lachchu ran further away. She ran as fast as her short legs could carry her. Lata ran after her and scooped her up in her arms. She came back holding her tightly. Finally, they settled down for their picnic just a short distance away from the seashore and Mary and Lata opened the picnic basket and distributed the food.

They gorged themselves on sandwiches and Karen had her milk and biscuits. Richard looked across at the waves. There were very few waves. "The sea is very quiet today, isn't it?" he said. Lata who had great poetic skills said, "I could think up a poem along those lines, you know. The Quiet Quiet Sea. Conjures up very romantic images." 

"I daresay you can," grinned Richard. Suddenly Lata began scribbling something on the sand with her forefinger. 

After some time she stopped. Mat gently moved over to Lata's side and read what she had written. 

  The Quiet Quiet Sea

  The waves are in a quiet and somber mood,
  they had tried the whole of last night and today,
  to break away from the deep sea.
  ah, they wanted so much to live a life of their own.

  They wanted to break away from the deep waters,
  of the sea that held them in bondage forever and ever,
  they seemed to be murmuring to themselves,
  "Oh! For a life far away from this slavery!

  What would we not give for a bit of freedom!
  to pull away from our master, the sea, and roll over the sands,
  reaching out on our own, exploring distant lands,
  that seem so bewitching and full of fresh wonders,

 We try and try and we fail every time,
until we are exhausted and dejected,
  then we no longer struggle and strain to get away 
and become a very quiet, quiet sea."

He looked at her with admiration. "That is brilliant poetry Lata," he said. Soon Richard and Mary read it too, and Richard said, "That is fantastic, darling." Suddenly Karen, who had again run away a little distance from them came running back with a look of terror in her eyes. She was pointing towards the sea. All three of them looked in the direction she was pointing. A huge wall of water nearly thirty feet high was rushing towards the shore at a terrific pace. People began running helter-skelter.

Mat picked up Karen and they all ran towards the shore. Mat tied Karen to his shoulders with his shirt. The waves overtook them and Mat swam like anything. Suddenly, he was washed ashore. He stood up and found himself holding Karen in his arms. The child's body was cold and unconscious. There was no sign of Lata, Richard or Mary.

Suddenly he fought through to consciousness from this terrifying slumber he had slipped into. He buried his head in his hands. He wailed, "Oh God, please give me strength." He looked at his watch. It was 7.30 AM. Time to start his journey back to Kimnur. He packed his suitcase. He paid his bill, got into his car and began his drive back to Kimnur.

Author's Note: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


  1. oh no - another terrifying dream. What hell Mat must be going through to have such dreams. Waiting for more to be revealed.

  2. A terrifying scenario, thankfully just a dream. I hope it doesn't represent what lies ahead for him.

  3. All alone Mat is missing everyone. Hope soon he would be with his loving Lachchu..

  4. I liked most Lata's Poem. It's wonderful. Loved the the way you have used the imagery of the sea and its waves to explain the struggle of life. I appreciate your thoughts.
    -Sayanti from

  5. That was really scary. Though I love the way you have penned the poem. It has all the emotions rightly placed.

  6. The dreams only proves his insecurities to loose his only grand child, great read!

  7. So many dreams - a guilty conscience and danger to loved one affords no peace to Mat. Would like to know what happens next and what the investigation is about.

    Would love it if you could check out my #AtoZchallenge post on Q.

  8. I liked the poem, Jai..which reminds me I´ve got to fine tune the proposal in ´Dried Roses´ story :)

  9. Again a chilling one.. but liked the poem in it !


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Moving Over To New Blog

This is to inform my readers that from now on I will be posting only on my new blog Jai's Jottings. This blog will be gradually phased out.

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