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V is for Viktor The Research Scholar - #A2Z2018

V is for Viktor The Research Scholar - #A2Z2018

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"I learned to pick pockets. I lived on rags and stole from shops," continued the fiddler, "One day I was caught stealing food. I was rescued by a priest just as a mob was about to lynch me. His name was Father David Fenniston. He adopted me as his son, got me baptized and christened me with the name Viktor Fenniston. He fed me, clothed me and put me in a convent school. Oh, he was very high and mighty, that one. But I knew he did not have an iota of feeling for me. Whatever he did, he did it for himself. You see it made him feel great. 

Just think Commodore, the extent to which man will go in order to make himself feel good. We send money to charities, we feed beggars, we apply balm on the sores of lepers. Do you really believe any man does it because he cares for those he helps? You must have done some of these things yourself, Commodore. Why come to think of it Commodore, you tip me generously and have even bought me food. Answer me honestly Commodore, did you do it because you cared for me or did you do it because you felt great and enjoyed being charitable towards me?"

"I will tell you," said the fiddler when he saw Mat hesitating, "I will admit you are a good man. But even you had a selfish motive behind your actions. All of us do. There is nothing called true selflessness. Ninety-nine out of hundred men do something for their fellow man only for purely selfish reasons. We feel grand. We feel like Gods. And the pity of it all is we don't even realize this is what we do it for. We brainwash ourselves into believing we are being selfless. And Father David Fenniston was the epitome of this self-deception.

Well, he put me in school and I turned out to be very good at academics with a keen interest in Biology. In addition, I was also interested in Theology. But with a difference. Usually, people get interested in Jesus Christ and his divinity. I, on the other hand, was deeply interested in the devil, Commodore. Evil made my senses tingle with pleasure. I always felt hell would be a much more interesting place than heaven. I was particularly interested in anything to do with devil worship and Satan. I was fascinated by evil, Commodore. 

My earliest experiments were on cockroaches. Boy! Are they strong! Much stronger than man. They can resist very high temperatures. It takes a lot to kill a cockroach Commodore. Then I switched my attention to butterflies and lizards. Butterflies are weak. Swat them and they die. I must say I was particularly interested in the resistance of the bodies of these animals to low temperatures. 

I joined college and majored in Biology. I continued my experiments. But I was growing restless. I wanted to try out experiments on live human beings. I had stood first in the entire university and I got a scholarship to do research at John Hopkins. I traveled to the US."

The Fiddler paused and Mat said, "I know your research paper for your Ph.D. thesis was titled, "The resistance of the human body to low temperatures."

"I see you have gathered plenty of information," said the fiddler smiling, "I did a lot of research, but my pet project was to develop a drug to improve the resistance of the human body to very low temperatures. I worked on a drug that would lower body temperature without harming the other functions of the body and allowed it to function normally, though the brain remained in a stupor. But to achieve anything really concrete I needed to work on live human beings."

"So in order to complete your pet project, you entered Brazil and became the cult leader Wharton Chandran," completed Mat.

Author's Note: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


  1. Has he given the same drug to Karen? Never thought that this grim looking old man Fiddler would be the main character in the story..

  2. Brilliant post.. it just keeps picking up.. at first I did expect The Fiddler to be the man behind it but after he helped Mat in the beginning I dismissed it and now he is back!

    Feel free to check out my latest post : U is for Unusual

  3. There are so many things being slowly drawn together in this story. Excellent story telling.

  4. Aha, finally a hint at what may have happened to Karen, there is hope! Another great reveal.


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Moving Over To New Blog

This is to inform my readers that from now on I will be posting only on my new blog Jai's Jottings. This blog will be gradually phased out.

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