W is for Wharton Chandran The Cult Leader - #A2Z2018

W is for Wharton Chandran The Cult Leader - #A2Z2018

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"Yes, I moved to Brazil. I grew a long beard and took the name of Wharton Chandran and as you say became the head of a cult. I took the mantle of a great priest from India who was versatile in the Vedas as well as the Bible. I actually did read the Vedas and the Bible, you know, in order to sound convincing. Gullible fools, those Brazilians! I fed them a lot of nonsense. I told them I had special powers. I sang holy songs for them and recited from the Bible. They flocked to me in great numbers. Of course, the purpose behind the whole exercise was to select young children for my experiments and be above suspicion at the same time," the fiddler chuckled.

"I chose healthy specimens with robust physiques. I had a huge following and who was to connect it to me if a child or two disappears here and there. I developed a drug from the chemicals found in the human body. Once this drug goes into the bloodstream, the body's temperature would go down steadily to a point and then it would rise again. The brain would go into a deep stupor. Throughout this rise and fall in temperature, the body would retain all its normal functions. This was a real breakthrough. I hit ninety," said the fiddler proudly.

"Just when I was a step away from an important breakthrough which would have helped me create a drug that would make the human body resist very low temperatures, things started going wrong. Suddenly some smart ass inspector from the Brazilian police force noticed the fact that all the children who had disappeared were my followers' children. My headquarters were raided. They found the bodies of the children I had experimented upon. They also found out about my American academic background. I was on the run. I came back to India. Well, the Brazilian police got in touch with the Indian police and there was a hunt on for me.

I realized I would have to take on a new identity. I changed my name to Gagan Narayan. I tried to get my face altered through plastic surgery but I could not afford a really good surgeon. The fellow I employed did a botched up job and I still look quiet a bit like Wharton Chandran. Well, that could not be helped and I had to take a chance. Finally, I got a job as a gardener in the Gabriels' household in this remote village of Himachal Pradesh."

Author's Note: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


  1. There is so much political commentary in your story - I am impressed and frankly can't wait for the final denouement.

  2. The poor children. My sympathy for the Fiddler and his abused childhood has vanished with that. 3 episodes to save Karen!

  3. A lot Fiddler has done to achieve his evil wishes.. Hoping that Mat would find a way to get back Karen back with saving himself as well..


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