Tragedy Leads The Way For This Couple To Take Up A Noble Cause - #WATWB

Tragedy Leads The Way For This Couple To Take Up A Noble Cause - #WATWB

In this edition of the We Are The World Blogfest I will bring you the tale of a doctor couple whose personal tragedy led them to fight for a noble cause. Dr. Umesh, a gynaecologist and Dr. Ashwini Sawarkar a pathologist were returning from an annual doctor's function with their three month old daughter Meera on 2nd December 2017. And tragedy struck straight out of the blue.

Their driver had just stepped out of the vehicle to open the doors of their car when a speeding vehicle rammed into their car severely injuring Meera and Ashwini who were seated in the back seat. Their car hit a tree five feet away. Meera and Ashwini were rushed to the hospital immediately.

A CT scan showed that Meera was suffering from sever brain hemorrhge while Ashwini was suffering from multiple fractures. Meera was shifted to another hospital while Ashwini was treated for her injuries. Another MRI scan within 48 hours revealed that Meera was suffering from extensive brain injury and the doctor couple realised there was no hope as Meera was fighting an impossible battle.

It was at this time that the doctor couple made a decision that ninety nine out of hundred parents would not be able to bring themselves to take. They decided to donate their child's organs. But things were not so easy. There were several difficulties. Read the rest of the story at the following link.

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  1. Damn. That's a harsh blow. I respect their decision and agree most people wouldn't be able to bring themselves to go that route. Hopefully organ donation will save another life or two.

  2. That such good comes from such a heart-breaking tragedy is truly something to be appreciate.

  3. Heartbreaking story yet as they were both doctors they knew immediately or instictively what to do. Other lives would live through this beautiful child. Thank you Jai for your #WATWB post ..

  4. Hi Jai - how very sad, yet very inspiring ... I do hope we all can offer our organs so that others can live, should the occasion arise. Desperate ... but how wonderful they realised the opportunity was there for Meera to help others. Thank you so much for sharing this ... Hilary


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